Why Doing Business With a Minority Business Enterprise is Good Business

2 Feb 2023

Why Doing Business With a Minority Business Enterprise is Good Business

Minority business owners are finding their way in our new economy, and we can all benefit from their expertise.

MBE online magazine shows minority suppliers made it through the shutdowns of 2020 better than many of their counterparts. “Financial health metrics are the best indicators of how a supplier will perform through disruptive market events, like the COVID-19 pandemic, and reveals that minority-owned businesses are displaying extremely high levels of resiliency through the crisis, and are emerging in a stable position post-crisis.

The benefits of partnering with a minority business enterprise are tangible: Certified MBEs show that their business recognises the value of diversity and working with a minority-owned firm can open the door for future opportunities for your company.

In addition, you’re helping a small business owner get a head start with your partnership. Most MBEs are funded with savings, credit cards, and a lot of hope. A partnership with an MBC strengthens the local economy, creates job opportunities, and helps a small business owner succeed.

Doing business with an MBE isn’t just good business for you, it’s good business for the community. MBEs create jobs, create opportunities and create strong neighbourhoods.

At Alexander Ash As employers, we’re always learning new ways to improve on our own diversity and inclusion practices. Our dedication to striving for a more equal future helps us create a diverse talent pool for our clients. We’re proud of the work we do in this area and firmly believe that inclusion fuels our success.

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credit Christopher Owens