Cloud computing is driving transformation

6 Feb 2023

Cloud computing is driving transformation

In the age of digital, cloud computing is facilitating transformation. As a result of the cloud there are now virtually limitless possibilities for organisations to embrace digital with minimised risk; a rise in opportunity which is inevitably linked to a massive rise in demands for tech jobs and, as a result, the tech talent gap.

Cloud storage has been around since the 1960s, but the use of software accessible via the Web instead of on a desktop opens up a wealth of opportunities. Cloud computing was initially developed as an opportunity for businesses to grow, but today our children are cloud natives and even non-techy people are users of cloud computing be it for school resources, online workouts, banking or home tech. On a corporate side, the global move towards cloud computing has provided the foundations of some of the most innovative and transformational tech advances, including artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT).

Another significant contribution of cloud computing is the rise in hybrid and remote working. Whilst home working may not seem to be as influential as AI at first glance, its implications are huge; tech talent is no longer limited to taking work in a particular area, state or even country; borders are all but eliminated as global teams work together to provide 24/7 service from their home office.

Cloud computing was almost single handily responsible for enabling organisations to keep going while adhering to covid restrictions, cloud computing opens the door of digital opportunity for organisations with much less risk than before. Allowing organisations to make a digital shift.

As recently as a decade ago, in order for businesses to develop on a digital level, they would need to buy or develop appropriate infrastructures to support complex applications. Once in place, the development and maintenance of digital capabilities would have required a workforce of skilled tech staff, without whom digital elements would quickly fall behind the fast-paced development of the industry. Today, those wishing to invest in digital need only to find the right cloud service provider who will operate and maintain services on their own, purpose-built servers. This has made the leap to digital instantly cheaper, easier to maintain and lower risk than it has ever been.

Throw in the fact that cloud computing makes operations sustainable, scalable, cost efficient and accessible, it is no wonder that going digital has become the best option for most ambitious organisations. Thanks to cloud computing, digital transformation has gone from being a bold risk to something that most forward moving organisations cannot afford not to do.

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