UAE to become next Silicon Valley

23 May 2023

UAE to become next Silicon Valley

‘Machines Can See 2023’ summit brought together foremost experts in 3D computer vision, deep learning, generative AI, AR, VR, and more. 

Dubai can ace the race of the world’s cities aspiring to become the next Silicon Valley, said a group of experts from around the world who assembled at the Museum of the Future in Dubai, visualising this city as a place with the capability to envision, imagine and bring things to reality.

Exploring the seamless possibilities of AI, policymakers from the public sector, businesses, and academia opined that Dubai and the UAE are rapidly becoming a hub of advanced technologies, particularly in AI.

The UAE Machines 2023 summit, named ‘’ reflects the regions supportive environment for innovation and AI advancement. The summit brought some of the brightest minds in the field to the Museum of the Future, sharing their vision and knowledge.

For the UAE to become Silicon Valley, It is possible by finding a way to commercialise research and innovations in science and technology to create a successful ecosystem similar to Silicon Valley. The government, academia, and corporates also play important roles in creating an environment conducive to innovation.

As the UAE has successfully attracted talent, its next wave taking place in the nation is knowledge creation and building technical capabilities. By unlocking the potential within Dubai’s Government-related entities to create value-add tracks for technologists building in the region.

The most critical aspect is the business value brought by having all the localised infrastructure, which can enable AI adoption as an enterprise. UEA have established an AI ecosystem, a localised service stack to assist organisations in modernising data, assiteing  organisations on the ground to modernise their data best and prepare the data for the AI.

Each industry has its appetite, be it banking, finance, healthcare, education, or the government, which always takes the lead with their mandates defined.

The fact that the UAE is the only country with a state-level Ministry of AI shows its commitment to supporting the progress of AI technology.