All about Alexander Ash

9 Jan 2022

At Alexander Ash we’re delighted to have launched a brand new website. To celebrate, I’m talking through the services we offer and what’s important to us.

Financial Services

The financial industry is constantly changing and evolving. We help organisations from retail and private banking, to wealth management and investment banking stay one step ahead. The expert team at Alexander Ash has extensive experience in business critical areas with an unrivalled knowledge of the financial services industry.

Professional Services

Accessing highly qualified and specialist talent in professional services is made easy when you work with Alexander Ash. We understand the importance of listening to the needs of our clients and candidates. By becoming your recruitment partner, we deliver results in audit, consulting deal advisory, digital and ESG recruitment. These are just a few of the areas our team specialise in, supporting some of the world’s leading professional practice firms and consultancies.

Commerce and Industry

Powering success for leading multinationals and innovative start ups, we support businesses across the commerce and industry sectors. Alexander Ash successfully sources talent in a wide range of specialist areas that includes audit, risk and compliance, cloud and infrastructure, cyber security, data analytics and AI, IT architecture and strategy, DevOps and more.

Our people make us stand out

We’re proud to have built a team of experts who consistently deliver results for our clients. Every individual member of our team is passionate about and driven by providing excellent quality service. That’s what sets us apart from our competition. You can find out more about what makes our team tick by checking out the meet the team page on our new website.

We celebrate uniqueness

If everyone was the same, the world would be a boring place. We strive to create a more inclusive future as an employer and as a recruitment agency. At Alexander Ash, diversity and inclusion aren’t treated as tick box exercises, it’s an ethos that’s at the very heart of what we do. Our inclusive culture is what fuels our success. Learn more about our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

Building a business for the future

We all have our part to play to protect the environment. At Alexander Ash, we go beyond complying with legislation. We work hard to minimise the impact we have on our planet. From cutting down waste and pollution, to reducing water and energy consumption, we have best practices in place to ensure we’re doing everything we can to be a more sustainable and eco-friendly business.

Work with us

We believe in rewarding hard work and giving credit where it’s due. We’ve established a supportive and diverse culture and encourage our team to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit.

Why working in recruitment is a great career choice

Whether you’re just starting out in your career, or you’re looking for a change and a new challenge, working in recruitment might be just what you’re looking for. But if you’re new to an industry, it can be difficult to figure out if it’s the right choice for your future.

Working in recruitment is a great career (sure, we’re probably a little biassed because we have a team that loves what they do!). Here’s what we think makes recruitment the place to be.

Financial rewards and incentives

Want a career with uncapped earning potential? Look no further. And guess what - it’s totally OK to find motivation in earning money.

There are plenty of roles in recruitment with competitive base salaries on offer, but with the addition of commission structures (typically with no cap), you’ll have the opportunity to earn a great income.

As well as financial rewards, there’s also lots on offer for other types of performance incentives, too.

Becoming someone’s career hero

There’s no better feeling than when you’ve done a great job that’s made a real difference - and working in recruitment gives you the opportunity to help other people with finding what they want for their future.

Most of us spend the majority of our waking hours at work, so whether someone is starting, changing or progressing their careers, they’re usually making some big decisions. As a recruiter, you’ve got the chance to have a real impact in helping someone find their perfect next move.

And with lots of successful candidates that you work with, you might find they come back to you for your help when they’re ready to move again. You could be part of their career journey for years to come, and you’ll get to see them evolve and grow in each new role. That’s a real recipe for job satisfaction.

Career progression and personal development

Recruitment; it’s big. And it moves fast. That means that in this diverse and constantly evolving sector, there’s a huge amount of opportunities.

Recruitment careers attract people from all backgrounds, because it’s one of the few industries that looks for skills and experience in a variety of places. You don’t need industry specific qualifications or experience - you need the right attitude and a willingness to learn.

Because there’s diversity in recruitment teams, there’s always a focus on personal development and career progression. Recruiters are used to learning, changing and adapting - and that creates a culture with growth and development at its core. That’s why there’s amazing opportunities in recruitment to learn new skills and move up the career ladder.

Get industry insights as a specialist recruiter

Interested in a particular industry for your own career? Working as a recruiter in a specialist sector is a great chance to get some sector insights before making a career move into the industry.

Recruitment companies are always looking for team members who are passionate about an industry and can show they have the skills to communicate well with potential clients and candidates in the sector.

You’ll know what employers are looking for… handy

Whether your future career will be in recruitment, or it’s a career move that suits you right now, you’ll develop an in-depth understanding of what employers are looking for. You’ll hone interview skills from both sides of the table, learn what an amazing CV looks like and understand generally what makes a stand-out candidate.

So, wherever your future career takes you, you’ll be well equipped with the basics to help you land your ideal role every time you’re ready for the next step.

Work with us

We believe in rewarding hard work and giving credit where it’s due. We’ve established a supportive and diverse culture and encourage our team to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit.