Sustainable recruitment. A powerful tool for competing with businesses today.

19 Apr 2023

Sustainably recruitment. A powerful tool for competing with businesses today.

Many businesses, including Alexander Ash care about sustainability because we are concerned about the business’ impact on the environment and because it's important to our customers.
The most successful companies are adopting new techniques, ones that sustainability recruitment targets. Sustainability in business refers to optimising practices and policies so they will be most efficient.

Sustainability is the state where a process can continue indefinitely, either by maintaining or improving., Thinking that any business making profits is sustaining itself. That kind of thinking has been the dominant view until fairly recently, and it has let companies stagnate in wasteful and costly practices.

While a business may be making a profit, it might also be costing a lot of money. Their goals may not be achieved as they’d hope. They may drain their resources to the point that there are no more resources, or the resources become too costly.

The business may also be getting a negative reputation for harming the community. And it simply doesn’t make sense to cost yourself money because of waste and inefficiency. At Alexander Ash, We pride ourselves on the work we do within our local communities. Since day one, we’ve set out to establish a business that’s ethical, sustainable and inclusive. You’ll often find our team getting their hands dirty at local farms or organising events to raise funds for local charities. Our practices include hiring, materials use, energy use, productivity, or any function of our business that impacts cost.

Most businesses today care about sustainability because of its relevance to costs and competition. A non-sustainable company will not be able to compete with a comparable sustainable business. Alexander Ash, we’re committed to building a sustainable and ethical business for the future.

No matter the motivation, sustainability concepts, and strategies mix business sustainability and environmental sustainability because the two can’t really be separated. If waste and inefficiency are impacting the planet, it may also be affecting our business.

As a sustainable recruiter, Alexander Ash has built a network of sustainable companies and candidates, utilising techniques to create the most lasting and productive hires, building an employer brand centring on sustainability, and helping our clients reach their sustainability goals.