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Getting To Know You With Ash Bhopal

Wednesday 1st August 2018


Q1. Can you talk us through the journey of Alexander Ash?

A. Ian and I started off in my small spare bedroom in Tooting Bec for about 6 months. We did a couple of deals and finally got our first rented office in Vauxhall in Southbank House Chancery Lane. This is where things really kicked off and grew from there and eventually we moved into the Business Design Centre in Angel in 2005, we are now going into our 13th financial year!

Q2. What has been your Alexander Ash highlight so far?

A. I’d say our first office, although it was small, it is where we started and where this all began. Our first company away day in Portugal was another great memory. Most recently, a real highlight is the level of diversity and BAME statistics. To look around the organisation and say we are very diverse as far as Gender and Ethnicities in the office is the best I’ve ever seen. Also and definitely a stand out is our client list, how it has developed seeing the tier of the clients we work with.

Q3. What is the best advise you have ever been given?

A. Bring me your solutions not your problem. Talk business to your clients not recruitment.

Q4. What do you think make Alexander Ash different to the other Recruitment companies?

A. The people, 100% empowering the people. I believe before we start making things better or different, let’s start off with the small things. We are a people business. Building relationships with our clients, the people in the office, the delivery.

Q5. What is your life like outside of work?

A. Busy. I have three children, 11, 8 and a new born daughter and she has taken over my life. She runs the household and has daddy wrapped around her little finger.

Q6. If you could invite 5 people dead or alive to a dinner party you are hosting, who would you invite?

A. Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Chris Rock and Kevin Hart.

Q7. What’s in store for Alexander Ash in 2018?

A. Our default setting is delivery, delivery, delivery. Consistently delivering to existing clients has always ensured Aa organically grows but we have hired dedicated sales people for Switzerland for 2018. With all the changes impacting IR35 in the UK contract market, we will be investing more time, people and money into our Swiss office.

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